44 Square 2015 Editorial Team


The 44 Square Fiction 2015 Editorial Team are all fourth-year students on the Birkbeck BA Creative Writing Programme; we each worked with our individual authors, in an initial editing process, before taking on other roles:


Sam Cunningham  Production Manager

Ted Curtis  Production Manager

Walter Jones  Art Director

Darren Kay  Launch Manager

Sam Langworth  Copy Editor

Vanessa Macdonald  Production Manager

Sian Shaw  Submissions Manager

Felicity Stephen  Editor and Production Manager

Stephanie Taylor  Launch Manager

Jenna Walker  Copy Editor


Editor’s note: thanks to the editorial team and to each of our contributing authors. Thanks also to Luke Williams for our journal’s foreword, and to all the tutors on Birkbeck’s Creative Writing BA programme – without them we would not be here! Our journal is a ‘goodbye’ to the course; but I trust that it will be a beginning to many new adventures in writing, editing and publishing, for us all.





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